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Thunder Basic Education (TBE) is incorporated as a NON-Profit Organization, founded and Chaired;
Matthew Love Thunderwood (Matthew Thunder)
New Office & Manager; Harbin, China:
We are world-wide!
Our current Public Education Project is to disseminate or make known at all education levels, the compelling evidence that for Thinking Minds DESTROYS the scientifically negligent
Galileo Effect of Evolution. 
Understand how this earth gets older & older with newer scientific discoveries, after all the "Time & Chance" mantra of the  EVOLUTIONARY THEORY needs for the complex intricacies discovered in DNA,unexplained earth features, and this "THEORY of EVOLUTION" has hopelessly inadequate and unscientific theories of DNA, our solar system,  Frozen Mammoths, vast methane deposits in deep seabed floor, etc.   
Dr. Walt T. Brown's textbook link below illustrates from a mainstream Christian point of view AND solid scientific evidence of his own "Hydoplate Theory" the faulty and otherwise bad science of the "Evolutionary Theory".  Begin reading the part under section III, 'frequently asked questions'.  (
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Presentations can be scheduled at a selected sites with those who have Biblical and/or from the above linked textbook. 
We're prepared to Speak & Educate on this basic level of understanding need in "Thinking Minds" at all levels of Education from Primary to Graduate.   
Those with Thinking Minds are invited to contact TBE; (765) 939-2650 email; 

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